We are in the elevator and unknown person, probably executive in a global brand company, turns to me and says: “Is that a violin in your case? Performing a concert tonight?” (Here we are: I am pigeonholed: violinist = glorified entertainer!) – “No. I am on my way to an event to help executives like you find their own solutions for their problems.” – “With violin? Serious?”

“Dead serious.

through creation of unique resonance platform I will help them to listen to the process of a genius masterpiece,

through innovative musical process I will get them passionate with out-of-the-box solutions emerging from musical complications

and empower their own solution-sparks to jump the line back to their leadership dilemma,

surprise, surprise: resolving, implementing. Creative detour – fastest road to the goal!

With 100% engagement, like true artists, no SMSing during my session!

At the end I will perform, and they will hear also the performing organisation!

And my promise: they will never forget those change messages…”

(we are approaching the ground floor.) – “But my team does not necessarily like classical music!” – “Brilliant starting point: Art is not about liking, art is about REAL change and transformation!” – “But I am afraid my boss will not like it…!?” – “Well, then you might better get yet another PowerPoint presentation!” (Uhhhhhsh, the doors open.) – “May I have your business card… CIO, Chief INSPIRATION Officer…?!”

“Yes, you will need inspiration if you want your change event hit the bottom line!

Gone in the crowd… gone?


My name is Miha Poga─Źnik and I am concert violinist, Slovenian Cultural Ambassador and entrepreneur, also adjunct professor of Art and Leadership at IEDC – Bled School of Management.

My life has been marked by social innovations, including creation of over 200 intercultural festivals in crisis areas of the world, and in the course of last 20 years working with leadership of over 100 global brand companies, appearing at the World Economic Forum in Davos and China,and European Economic Forum in Alpbach,  Austria, as well as in different Agencies of the UN.

I have been teaching also at business schools like HARVARD , INSEAD, IMD, IESE Barcelona,  CEIBS Shanghai, THNK Amsterdam, Berlin School of Creative Leadership and Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo.

My latest social creation in progress is European Regional Development Model TERRA PARZIVAL in Slovenia.



ALL of my work stands or falls with the factor of "MUSICAL MASTERPIECE PROCESS". If I only played violin beautifully, as thousands and thousands do, event organizers of leadership meetings  would have no reason inviting me to their sessions for help, and those teams would not know what to do with a nice violin performance! I have invested many years of performing and researching to develop this science of translating masterpieces into leadership journeys in order to help managers (objectively at the hand of a musical process, regardless of their musical preferences), to view dilemmas and daily work challenges with a fresh and different perspective. The musical masterpiece lifts participants to the "raised resonance platform", a sparkling and creative environment, empowering them to achieve sustainable solutions through self!
This executive change phenomena is only possible by "decomposing" music into a process in order to invite attendees "in", BEYOND unproductive sympathy and antipathy. By performing a type of "open heart surgery on music", I paint and tell stories in addition to playing music to enable attendees to deconstruct their own processes.
Only at the very end of my session, once the attendees innovating insights have alligned with the objectives of the company,  do I give the masterpiece  the opportunity to be "resurrected" through my final performance. By then, EVERYONE is actively listening and able to learn with "many ears on many levels" of emotional intelligence!