sessions icon Why we do what we do.

We set out to build a platform to help planners be more efficient and successful in locating the best speaker for their events.

Our due diligence

Project management platforms existed but none designed for the speaker selection process. Speaker databases existed but their models catered to the speakers rather than the planners.

So, we set out a number of benchmarks for ourselves;

  • - The project management tools must create a more efficient process for discovering speakers.
  • - The quality of the speakers available must remain high to insill confidence in the speaker selection at ProjectSpeaker.
  • - We must find a way to bring the "cream to the top" of the speaker search results to minimize the planner's time required.
  • - We must get out of the way and enable direct communication between planners, speakers, agents and bureaus.
  • - We must protect planners from being "pitched".

If we can achieve and surpass these benchmarks, then we feel we're on our way in providing a more efficient process for planners to discover, manage and engage with speakers.

So, what will you find at ProjectSpeaker?

  • - Tools to enable planners to manage the speaker selection process with event details, multiple sessions, speaker shortlists and media libraries
  • ­- All speakers at ProjectSpeaker have been vetted. To maximize a planners time, each speaker, whether independent, through an agent or bureau is admitted through our invite only policy
  • - Our Merit Point system determines the default sort order of speaker search results. I'll skip the technical details and just say it increases a planners' odds of finding the perfect speaker on page 1 or 2 rather than page 50.
  • - Since ProjectSpeaker does not accept fees or commissions from speakers, agents or bureaus, we are in the fortunate position of never compromising our goals of focusing solely on bringing value to our planners.

Is it perfect?

Heck no, but we're working hard to get it there! In the meantime, when you do see something that can be improved, please let us know as it tells us what and where to focus on. The easiest and quickest way is to click on the FEEDBACK & SUPPORT link at the very top of the screen.

We hope you enjoy using the platform as much as we enjoy building it

Pierre Bisaillon, CEO